Paint Sales in Durham, North Carolina

Colors have a lot of power. They can put us in certain moods and make us feel certain ways; they can bring back old memories or tie into new ones. Let us help you find the perfect paint colors to create a palette for your life. We're known as the Color Kings due to both our expertise in color consultations and our consistently perfect paint and stain matches. Best of all, each of these services is available at our Durham, North Carolina, paint shop.

Paint Sales

Reckless Paint & Accessories offers the highest quality paints and painting supplies. We specialize in Benjamin Moore paints and also offer Davis paints and Cabot stains. Paints are available in low to no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

We even make house calls in the unlikely event our product has a failure issue. We go far beyond what our competition will do to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Color Matching Services

Get the right color every time with assistance from the color kings at Reckless Paint & Accessories. Whether you need to paint a wall patch or want to paint your whole home a color you've seen in a magazine or elsewhere, we can get that very hue with our color matching services. Bring us a 100-year-old item and we'll match that color as well!

Color Consultations

Our experts are knowledgeable in the science of color choice—which hues go well with others and which hues will match the tone you want to set for your room. Tell us what you're painting and where it resides, and we'll recommend the best paint or stain for you.

Our Durham, NC Store

We offer our customers something that's missing from today's market, old-fashioned service. We make every effort to give personal, individual care to each and every customer by focusing our attention on their particular interests and needs. It is my wish to promote a trusting connection with all our patrons. If you need to match a paint color, we are happy to ensure that the match is perfect, no matter what the effort or how long it takes. If you are unsure and have only a vague notion about what is necessary to achieve the look you want, we are always willing to experiment, offer suggestions and even to brainstorm, whatever it takes to "get it right".

I have been working in the paint business for 25 years and consider it a personal calling. I take a great deal of pride in my store as well as the quality of services we offer.

A museum as important as the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University needs a paint with the durability only Benjamin Moore can provide. They also need perfect color matching and impeccable customer service. Naturally, they only purchase from Reckless Paints and Accessories.

Contact us for more information about our huge variety of paints and stains.

Color strips, building plans and color plans come together at Reckless Paints and Accessories.